Company wide Innovation Programme

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can further develop your capacity for creativity and innovation. Whatever business you are in creativity is a fantastic and essential skill to have. Why? Creativity will give you a competitive edge Creativity is

Facilitating Staff Engagement

Staff Engagement is key if you want real ‘buy-in’ to the business, to retain your most talented people and to provide excellent customer service. It involves more than just consulting staff about proposed changes it’s about getting people involved in the thinking much

Culture Change

Changing an organisation’s culture is said to be one of the most difficult leadership challenges. Why? Because culture is broad, intangible, below the surface stuff, embedded and engrained into beliefs, values and behaviours of your people. However, just because something

Creating a piece of Art together- Team Development

Creating a team piece of art together is something we love to facilitate. It works on so many levels, it: taps into people’s innate creativity acts as a common goal, a shared tangible objective they can achieve together within a

Podcasts- Leaders talking Creativity

Leaders interviewed, downloadable podcasts, about how they encourage creativity on their teams – real experiences – creativity in action

Conference Workshops & Talks

Choose form a range of conference workshops – short bursts of creativity to get ideas flowing and people motivated and inspired to create