Over the past 6 years we have developed unique ways of using art based methods to help develop teams, help people think more creatively, develop new perspectives and communicate in new ways.

Some of our methods include: Collaborative Painting, Portraiture, Visualising the future, Illustrating company values.

As an artist and Facilitator Prith is constantly  developing new connections between art and organisational development.

More recently Prith has developed a unique programme that uses art for leadership development.


“A great way to think about team work in a fun and innovative setting. Very good interpersonal skills- dealing with a range of different personalities!”

“Inspirational and emotional. A fun and interesting way to use creative ways to look into values- us as a team and the organisation.”

“Different, engaging, thought provoking. Everything goes and nothing is wrong”.

Read case studies here

Illustrating Values as part of Customer Culture change programme Cardiff Community Housing Association

Using Portraiture to help build relationships across a large team

Collaborative Painting: Community Housing Cymru

Collaborative Painting as part of Team Day: Equalities charity Chwarea Teg

Collaborative Painting : Superdrug