We offer a range talks and workshops, lasting between 30 mins – 2 hours. Great for conferences, staff meetings, lunch time sessions.

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 Unleash Your Creativity! 1.5hrs

20170130_132435In this highly interactive session we will look at 3 key questions:

  • What is creativity?
  • Why do we need it?
  • How do we be more creative and innovative in our work?

Leave this session with a greater understanding of the creative process and creative people like Einstein and Jobs. Learn specific strategies you can use to enhance your own creativity.

Use your new found creativity in work and in life generally- become the ‘ideas person’, be more positive and add a little zest to your life.

‘A great session this morning at South Wales Coaching Network focusing on creativity. A great way to connect to our creativity, pick up some new tools and laugh so much our jaws ache! Thanks Prith Biant for being such an inspirational speaker, hope your exhibition launch is going just as well!’

Pip Gwyn, Project Manager and Business Psychologist, Insight HR  August 2015

Download the flier here Unleash Your Fizz!

‘Be the Customer’ Interactive session

Using customer journey mapping delegates will consider their service from a customer perspective. We ask:

What stages does your customer go through to access your service?

What get in the way or causes frustration?

How can we improve these issues? What more radical changes could we make to create a better outcome for the customer?

This interactive session is a great way to look at issues from a customer view-point and develop new ideas as an organisational or industry perspective.

This session runs for a minimum of 55 minutes and is suitable for large groups. Extend the session by half an hour to add a ‘creative thinking’ element.