Changing an organisation’s culture is said to be one of the most difficult leadership challenges. Why? Because culture is broad, intangible, below the surface stuff, embedded and engrained into beliefs, values and behaviours of your people.

However, just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tackled. If you notice something not quite right with your organisation’s culture, stop and think about the impact it may be having on your customers? Or other members of staff?

It may be something quite small for example an air of negativity, the dress code going slightly too casual, language being less professional than you’d like, people taking staff benefits for granted, abusing the flexi-system or talking about customers disrespectfully.

Whatever it is, if you let it go, it will grow into something bigger and have a knock on effect. Instead why be more deliberate about your organisational culture and shape it in a way that you want?

The first step is to think about your ideal. How woudl you prefer it to look and feel? Staff engagement is key to culture change. Get them involved from the outset. Ask them¬† What’s working and whats not working? How would you like it to be in the ideal world?

if you are worried about them asking for a Google slide, or a fish tank in the floor, don’t worry, they probably won’t. People are so used to working in a certain way they may find it difficult to imagine anything different. This is where they might need soem help- in thinking creatively about what could be.

We’ve worked on whole scale culture change projects as well as smaller scale work place redesign projects.

Whilst there are guiding principles, we believe any culture change programme needs to be designed to suit the needs your organisation, there is not a one size fits all approach.If culture change is an issue for your company contact us today.

Case study

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