Prith is an Artist and Creative Consultant. She has a BA in Communication Studies, MBA and a PGCE.

‘I think we all have a gift and a certain uniqueness. I wanted to find mine and I did that through setting up this company. I believe there’s lots of untapped potential in organisations. Our work is about creating opportunities for people to be more of themselves in work, to bring out those untapped skills that will  make work richer and more satisfying. The organisation benefits too- extra people resources but at no extra cost- it’s a win-win.  I bring my manager-self, my business-self and my artist-self to all my work which is what makes what I do unique.’

Established by Prith Biant in 2008, The Creative Thinking Company now has a great base of clients and portfolio of creative work in organisations from across public, private and charitable sectors.

Prith published her first book ‘Who says you’re not creative?‘ in 2013  in response to the many people who attended her sessions saying ‘I’m just not creative’.

Prith’s background is in the voluntary and public sector where she managed teams and multiple change projects. Prith uses her people and project management skills combined with her art to provide a unique service.

Please contact for any creative projects you are considering.

Prith 07966 872786