Yes that’s right! As an introductory offer I’m launching the £4k business club at this ridiculously low price:

Just £125 per month


Now I could have kept the price quiet and got you to book on to a ‘strategy call’ before I told you. But I want to be totally up front with you. This is the price. It’s as low as I can get it for it to work for me too.

When we speak on the phone it won’t be a sales call, it will be a genuine conversation about where you are in your business and  whether or not the club is a good fit for you. 

You need to be earning a certain amount at the moment and have some business experience to get to £4k in the next few months.

Why is the price so low?

This is a special launch price so I’ve kept it low.

We’ll be tweaking a few things as we go- so if you are good with that, then you can benefit from this amazing introductory offer.

I also want more people to benefit. I want it to be a ‘no-brainer’ for people who work alone and want to be part of community to take their business forward.

Once the Club is established I intend to increase the price to reflect the value it provides.


The community is so important. It’s going to be your tribe. A place where you feel comfortable, supported, inspired and excited. The community will be here to celebrate your wins and pick you up when you fall. 

That’s why membership to the £4k Club will be on application. Not everyone will be a fit. This Club will be creative and heart centered.

Someone recently said to me ‘Business doesn’t work on emotion’. I thought to myself- of course it does! Not exclusively, but it plays a big part, because as solopreneurs we have to be personally invested.

Secure your place. We start soon!








Is this for you?

✔ Do you want to increase your income to £4k a month?

✔ Do you want to be part of a community that supports your business growth?

✔ Do you want 1-2-1 support so you can discuss the detail and strategy that’s right for you?

If so just click the link.

You’ll be able to book straight into my  calendar. Please make sure you complete the short form to tell me about you and your business. 

I look forward to meeting you.


“Three years ago, Prith and I met at a conference and we were challenged to do something different for our business.

Prith discovered I had never done a video and decided that needed to become my new milestone. Within 15 minutes, she helped me pull it together and even recorded it on the spot.

She is innovative and can see exactly what you need to do next to get out of your own way!”

Esther Shelley

Founder and CEO, Max your Impact & Esther Shelley Business Coaching.

If you’re not ready to chat on the phone yet I totally get it.

Maybe you need a sample of what  the content might be like? No problem.

The £4K Club will have a ‘Vault’ full of resources to help your business grow. These will include templates for marketing plans, guides to easy SEO, how to plan your week and much more.

One of the first things we’ll do in the Club is encourage you to visualise the future. So how about we start that now?

Simply sign up to our newsletter and you’ll get access to a FREE 10 minute Visualisation video from the Vault.