I am so glad you’re interested.

Let me tell you more about why I created it.

The story of the £4k Club

Last month my friend and I were sitting in the park discussing how COVID had affected both our businesses.

She is an actor and after making her way up to a pretty cool position, she had her show  at the National Theatre cancelled. She was gutted but managing.

My work had also been hit and I was now taking my creativity training online. I was working on a creative marketing course- but it didn’t feel right. I was in need of inspiration.

Creative people create

Being creative she is diversifiying into different areas. Hoping that one of them will come through for her as a replacement for her acting contract. 

She’s busy learning new skills and a whole lot of tech. All of this, with the kids and her partner who is also working from home! 

We laughed at how long it took her to realise something quite simple- 2 days. If only she had someone she could have asked instead of trawling through endless forums and youtube videos.

That was the Spark!

Then it hit me. My skills as a creative marketer would be much better used supporting people like my friend.

I have enjoyed running business clubs and mastermind groups in the past- maybe it was time to pick this up again? Maybe this was the community I was meant to serve?

She agreed. Having some accountability and being able to tap into a community of people in the same position was just what she needed.

We both liked the idea of £4,000 per month being a good figure to earn. It was aspirational but achievable. A great first step to something bigger- maybe the £10k club next?  So the concept of the £4k club was born and I had my first member!

I immediately got to work on more market research, planning and creating outline content for the programme you are reading now.

Funny how the universe works. Serendipitious conversations that solve problems and create opportunities.

‘I’m really excited by the sound of this £4k club. It’s what so many people need right now.

I can think of no better person to run it than Prith. She’s so creative and knows her marketing!’


Counsellor, Good Morning Grief

“I love the sound of the £4K Club. Creativity in business is key, especially now when we are all having to pivot and re-calibrate our services.

Having worked with Prith on a number of projects I am really pleased to see this being launched.”

Karen Dell'Armi

Designer, Creative Education Consultant

How will it work?

The £4k club will be a mix of 121 coaching, group coaching and online content.

This will be the ‘beta version’ and as such will come with some fantastic introductory offers for the founding members.

The programme content will be tailored to the needs of the group and will develop organically.

The current plan is as follows:

To begin, each member will have an in-depth coaching session where I get to understand your business in detail.

We then move to group coaching calls every 2 weeks. 

Groups will be kept small so everyone has a ‘hot seat‘ to talk about their issue.

Accountability– Every Monday you’ll be asked to post up your weekly goals and report on last week’s progress. 

‘The Vault’ will include resources for you to access. These might be marketing plan templates, guides to planning your social media, SEO made simple- and more. They will be created based on the needs of the group. 

I hope you’re as excited as I am?

So now I guess you’re wondering how much?

Before I tell you, write down how much you think it will be?

We start in September