What is the £4k business club?

The £4K Club is for self employed people who want to earn £4k a month so they can have  some  stability in their business.

It’s for people who

– are fed up of struggling to make ends meet

– are sick of the ‘up and down’ nature of their business

– want more stability and less stress in their lives. 

– have been hit by COVID and are struggling to adapt

– are ‘busy being busy’ but not always doing the right thing

– have too much to do and are feeling overwhelmed

– don’t know what to focus on or how to plan their week 

The £4k Business Club aims to get you to £4k a month in the shortest space of time. Ideally within 4 months.

For most people that means: Financial stability– you can pay the bills and pay yourself!

The uncertainty of what you have coming in each month is one of the most stressful things in business. Doing the work is the easy bit!

But not having that constant flow of income coming through the door is a weight that plays on your mind constantly and stands in the way of you enjoying the rest of your life.

Just imagine having a regular stream of income coming in. 

What difference would that make to your life?

How about being able to sleep at night for starters….

how does it work?

The £4k Club is a unique mix of 1-2-1 coaching, group calls and online learning.

The aim is to get you up to £4k a month within 4 months if not before.

If you’ve been struggling in business and just making ends meet, this is your opportunity to move out of that space and into something new.

Working on your own is hard. There’s no one to bounce ideas off, no one to hold you accountable and no one to ask when you get stuck with the tech. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The £4k Business Club is about:

Community – Support – Focus – Accountability.

Thriving not just surviving.

Being in flow. Loving your work.

Making a positive impact.   

Customers loving what you do.

How does that sound?

Are you interested?


What will we cover?

Key elements of the programme will include getting clear on your offer, your customer, your pricing, your business model, your marketing and most importantly your mindset….

The uniqueness of this programme?

As well as the ‘hard’ elements of business know-how, this programme is hugely creative and a little bit ‘woo’. By that I mean you’ll also be encouraged to

  • use your intuition
  • do visualisations
  • meditate sometimes
  • take note of your natural flow and energy

If this sounds like your kind of thing click below to find out more

  • Your offer
  • Your customer
  • Your Business Model
  • Your Marketing
  • your mindset