Learn how to think more creatively

‘A great session-love your energy, honesty and stories. A great concept and way of teaching creativity. Thank you!!

Laura Evans, Unleash Your Potential

‘Very enjoyable. Some interesting techniques to encourage free thought and problem solving.’ 

Tony, Communities First Team Leader

Develop your creative thinking skills and take a fresh approach to any problems you face. Use your new found skills for service improvement, marketing campaigns, product development, improved customer service and much more.

We rarely stop to think about how we think. It’s something most of us take for granted. However, the way we think affects how we deal with problems and respond to everyday situations. Most of us fall into a set pattern of thinking. Creative thinking is about learning to step outside these patterns and to think differently.

This one day course opens up creativity to everyone regardless of how creative you think you are

Course Objectives

  • explore and develop your understanding of creativity and innovation and how it applies in the work place
  • identify and overcome barriers to creativity and unlock your creative potential
  • confidently use a range of creative thinking tools to develop out of the box ideas
  • learn how you can cultivate a more creative mindset

Your new skills set will provide you with

  • the know how to develop new ideas and ways of thinking to any business problem you face
  • creative thinking skills to generate ideas for service improvement, marketing campaigns or new products and services
  • the ability to lead creative thinking sessions within your organisation

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