Linkedin recently reminded me that I had been in business for 10 years. It felt quite momentous and got me thinking. What did I set out to do 10 years ago and what am I actually doing now? I thought about all the fascinating projects I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in and also how I had developed as an individual.

I initially set out to train companies in creative thinking skills to make innovation a reality. This has now developed into: working alongside HR managers to deliver change projects using our unique creative approach; creating workshops that look at innovation from a customer perspective; combining creative thinking with marketing to help companies develop new approaches that give them an edge in their sector; helping staff redesign their own workspaces; facilitating entrepreneurial thinking within the third sector so they can generate income…

Given the breadth of creative work I am now involved in it definitely felt time for a refresh.

As a highly visual person, a painter, I of course started with the visual identity. Over the last few years I have incorporated more and more art into my work. I use it in team building, for staff engagement and as a vehicle for people to think differently. It seems only natural then that my business identity reflects this- with a splash of paint!

Rather than use stock photos I thought I would practice what I preach and have a go at creating my own ‘paint splash’. I spent a couple of hours in the studio experimenting with bold brush strokes and eventually an image emerged that ‘spoke to me’.  It’s amazing how long it takes to achieve something so simple!

Next stop graphic designer. After several hours of designs and redesigns the new logo was born.

I think this is more representative of what The Creative Thinking Company is about. I will now let it work its magic and shape what I do and how I redefine what we offer. I appreciate many brand experts will see this as the ‘wrong way round’ but in my view the image has great power- why not respect it?

I hope you like it.