Connect to creativity

Creativity can take many forms. A mathematician or scientists developing new formulas, a hair dresser mixing up just the right mix of chemicals to create the colour that will suit his client perfectly, the teenager who spends time formulating just the right outfit, the cook preparing a meal from few ingredients, the gardener bedding in bulbs for the next season.

But what they all have in common is perhaps a desire to create something wonderful, a dedication to the work at hand, a certain level of challenge that they find stimulating and eventually rewarding. And also a sense of self, a sense of individuality, assertion of ‘this is who I am’, this is what makes me different, this is what give me my buzz, my own sense of satisfaction- intrinsically.

Connecting to your creativity makes you feel alive and proud. What’s your point of creative connection?

A lovely quote from Osho

osho‘If you can smile wholeheartedly, hold somebody’s hand and smile, then it is a creative act, a great creative act. Just embrace somebody to your heart and you are creative. Just look with loving eyes at somebody…just a loving look can change the whole world of a person’