creative-361103_640This month most of my work is focused around ‘Away Days’. A simple sounding term for something that is actually quite complex, strategic and and in my case it needs to be creative and mind shifting!

When ask people what outcomes they want I simultaneously think ‘Fantastic!’ and then ‘wow how am I going to do that?’

But that’s the challenge and for each organisation it’s different, so something new needs to be developed to be created. It’s a blank canvas waiting to be painted.

You may or may not know that I also paint. More so this last year and particularly since the autumn when I started renting my first studio. Facilitating creativity means that I also have to feed my own and painting is how I do that.

watercolor-paint-526976_640As I now sit and create/ design workshops with coloured paper and sticky notes its feels similar to crafting a painting. I imagine and feel into how the day might unfold. There are layers, and turns and circular elements that make it into a whole. Each element has a purpose, it might be a light touch or something heavier, but everything fits together to make a beautiful work of art.

I have never realised how closely the two were tied until now. So when I paint in my studio I am simply feeding my ability to design better workshops for people to create and design new solutions to their challenges. So the circle continues and builds. It’s all Art!

I’m sure there is more to be written on this subject- but that will come.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this too.