Transforming a meeting room into a creative space using a Green Umbrella


Sometimes there is a need to change a physical space in order to change thinking.

Many organisations have meeting rooms which are smart and functional. However, when entering the room, people lapse into a certain way of thinking and behaving.

To disrupt this, and to make people think more expansively I needed to alter the space without causing too much disruption or incurring costs.

My solution? Re-arrange the existing furniture and introduce the green umbrella- a straw Hawaiian parasol to be more precise. The result? More expansive, bolder, entrepreneurial thinking- just what was needed. This charity now has 3 key ideas for income generation.

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“I very much enjoyed working with Prith- who brought energy and creativity into our internal discussions and our work towards a stronger enterprise and fundraising culture. Pleased with Prith as our choice, and would work with her again in the future.”

Chris Jones, Chief Executive