I hope that I may be the first to write a blog post with this title! But the world’s a big place so this may not be the case.

So what’s it about? This is a new technique I developed and used last month as part of a team development day. I had worked with this client before so there was element of trust in my methods and a willingness to try something new.

What were the objectives of the day? To develop relationships, gain trust, break down barriers, encourage cross departmental working, improve (internal) customer service and to have fun. This day was also a reward for the hard work the teams had put in over the last 12 months.

This activity formed part of the whole day. People put themselves into pairs and painted each other. These were people who hadn’t painted in a long time- maybe since school. Many were afraid of starting but after some encouragement and tools they had the confidence to explore and play- aiming to get some sort of representation of their partner.

Picture 4

The creativity that flowed was amazing. As you can see above people moved from just painting the face to using objects, in this case a guitar, as a way to represent the person.

Others became conceptual artists and created an abstract patter to represent the bubbly personality, friendliness and dynamism of their partner (see the photograph at the top).

The likeness people achieved in just 45 minutes was amazing as you can see below in these two paintings. 


If you would like to encourage cross organisational team working and build relationships in your company why not try this over a lunch time session?

Contact me for details and add a creative twist into your day.

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