15357814_sOne of the things that lights up my world is the feeback I sometimes receive from people I work with.

Much of my time is spent either marketing- to bring in new work or planning and delivering sessions. So when a testimonial comes through, it makes all the work seem worthwhile and reminds me why I do what I do.

This one that arrived today.

“Over the last 18 months I have engaged with Prith on a number of business planning goals in order to grow my business in the way I hope.  Prith has helped me develop a number of different planning strategies and options via our monthly meetings where she helps unlock my creative thinking abilities.  She does this by asking relevant questions and then drilling down to the basics before helping me build my ideas back up in a coherent and manageable manner.

Prith is very personable and professional in her manner, always keeps to her promises and does what she says she will.  She has been a respected ally during our working period so far and will be into the future. I would like to thank Prith for her help so far and assisting me in my goal planning and creative thinking and I look forward to our continuing professional relationship.”  

John Davies, Clifton Nash

A couple of weeks ago I received this from another fabulous person I work with:

“For the past 5 months I have had the privilege of having Prith as my Building Futures mentor. When Anthony (CHC) said he has just the right person for me, he could not have been more correct.

In this time Prith has become more than a mentor, she has totally changed my perception of the way I work. Prith recognised my creative ability and opened this up so I could project manage in not only a positive way, but in a way that was more comfortable for me.

Prith also helped me recognise my potential and my own career goals which I had put on the back burner for way too long. I am already starting to see a positive change in my day to day work as well as my own personal creative projects outside of work.  I could not have done it without her, words do not justify this.”

Lisa Hocking, Skills and Enterprise Manager, Gwalia.

One thing I learned from reading these is that sometimes you just don’t know how your work is being received. You can be doing more than you think!

This can work both ways: sometimes what you’re doing might not be having the desired impact, so you need to know that too. I recently experimented with a short burst of ‘dancing with your eyes closed’ which had a Marmite effect on my audience!

If you don’t know what impact you’re having – why not ask? It can be a great motivator.

Also – how about paying it forward and sending someone an impromptu recommendation? I’m sure you’ll make their day!