saxophonewomanSo here’s the thing- I wasn’t excited about teaching my Creative Thinking course as it was. There was something missing- something that just didn’t feel congruent about what I was teaching and what I believed on a gut level about creativity.

The paradoxical head spin goes something like this:

Creativity can be defined – Creativity is indefinable

Creativity is not about being artistic or being able to draw – Accessing the power of the visual, using art making is crucial to unlocking creativity

Creative thinking tools allow you to access instant creativity and generate hundereds of ideas- Generating ideas is not the same as ‘being’ creative

Many creative thinking tools rely on words and logic- Creativity is not about logic or words

Creativity is a skill- Creativity is a state of mind, a journey

Thinking creative- Being creative

So how do I reconcile all of this as I move forward in my work to help people access their innate creativity?

I revamp my course. Share the paradox. Show the ‘thinking’ and ‘being’ sides of creativity. Use words and art.

This is new territory.

Now I’m excited!

Save the date for my next revamped course: Think Creative- Be Creative: May 17th Cardiff.