I love this time of year! Apart from the upcoming Christmas festivities, it’s all about bringing one year to a close and starting a new one! We have a blank canvas for 2015. What shall we create? What shall we do differently? What positive impact can we make?

2015 is a new year and allows us to think afresh. What better opportunity to get out of ourselves and start creating new ideas, better ways to serve your customers or clients, better ways to reach the people who most need your services.

You may think I’m using the blank canvas as a metaphor- actually I’m not. One of the ways I work with people is through collaborative painting. It’s a method that allows new conversations to take place, new meanings to be discovered and a new visual language, specific to you and your team, to emerge. I hope I’ve tweaked your curiosity?


You can find out more here or watch a short video of a HR Director talking about the experience here.

If you’d like to work creatively on your vision for 2015 I’d love to hear from you.

If you’re a charity I have 2 free half day slots for January- please spread the word.

Seasons greetings!


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