Community Housing Cymru

Climbing high

A team of 26 wanted to do something different, something creative to re-energise and connect with each other. Together we devised a series of sessions that would take them walking up a mountain in Wales, with sketch book in hand ready to note down any thoughts or inspiration. These ideas were collected, discussed and fed into a the composition for a painting. 

As people worked on the painting there were new conversations, people discovered their creative sides and took a well earned break from work- whilst still working! There was also a lot of laughter.

The painting features members of the team climbing and descending the mountain- a metaphor for the challenges ahead. Everyone made a mark on the piece which now proudly sits in the co-working space

It’s been a real pleasure to work with Prith who not only guided us (& walked with us up Pen Y Fan) on our journey, but also challenged and inspired us in our thinking and planning.  The new offices are amazing and only three days in, we are already seeing and feeling the benefits of our new environment.  We simply love our new work home.’‘ Phillipa Knowles, Director of Resources and Organisational Development

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