Care and Repair Cymru

New Funding Streams 

Challenge: the charity was at risk of losing its core funding so was forced to look at different ways they might replace this income.

We assisted the organisation by:

  • identifying new opportunities through a staff conference
  • established 3 time limited staff focus groups to scope out key ideas
  • facilitated sessions to encourage entrepreneurial thinking
  • assist staff in costing out business ideas
  • created reports for management outlining their proposals -including costs

As a result the charity had 3 possible business ideas scoped out for further investigation.

Ordinarily this may have been a task carried out by the management team so not only were the team empowered, the management team save their own valuable time!

Additional benefits: staff learned new skills in the process which can they can use again in the future and they felt more involved during a period of uncertainty.

“I very much enjoyed working with Prith- who brought energy and creativity into our internal discussions and our work towards a stronger enterprise and fundraising culture. Pleased with Prith as our choice, and would work with her again in the future.”  May 2015

Chris Jones

Chief Executive

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